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Aloe Scandinavia AB started 2003 with the aim to be the largest supplier of Aloe Vera as raw material in Europe.

In the middle of 2003 the company had signed an agreement with one of the worlds largest Aloe Vera manufactures and with the exclusivity for the Scandinavian market.

While searching for raw material producers the company started to develop an effervescent tablet since transporting water across the world would not be environmentally justifiable. We also noticed the cost efficiency the product would have compared to the Aloe Vera Juice.

Freight cost / Environmentally
1 container of Aloe Vera Powder equals
200 containers of Aloe Vera Juice.

The powder was tested by several laboratories and the result was that the powder had the same positive quality as the Aloe Vera Juice, and that the vitamins and minerals kept better as powder than as fluid.
The powder was then certified by the IASC, International Aloe Science Council and branded with Aloe Life®.

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Since it is difficult to change behaviour Tobias added the daily dose of vitamin C to the effervescent tablet, since vitamin C is taken by the majority of people who are interested in their health and improved the taste considerably.

Tobias explains – The Aloe Vera effervescent tablet does not only taste good, it also increases the vitamin absorbance which is very important for the immune system.

The Aloe Vera effervescent tablet from Aloe Scandinavia AB is used in the following countries: Scandinavia, Russia, Polen, Estonia, Spain and England.

Today, Eric and Tobias still remain very
close business colleagues, but Eric has
moved on to other activities while Tobias
continues to expand the product
all over the world.

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